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Nymock™ Indoor Cat Hammock

Nymock™ Indoor Cat Hammock

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Our Cat Hammock is purposefully engineered to mimic a cat's natural lounging environment, giving them the same comfort and confidence of the wild, with the safety and luxuries of the great indoors!

Mentally and physically stimulates your cat with no extra effort

Satisfies your cat's natural desire to hunt

Helps redirect aggressive or destructive behaviour

Sleeker and portable than most cat trees

Holds up to 40lbs/20kg worth of weight

Note: Please be aware of low quality knock offs on other sites. We cannot assist you with these orders should problems arise. This product is not available in stores!!



PVC, Nylon, and Stainless Steel


(W x L x H):

15.2" x 21.4" x 21.1"

38.6cm x 21.4cm x 53.59cm

Maximum Load: Up to 20kg (40lbs)

Care Instructions

Wash using a cold cycle and hang to dry.

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Bring the Outdoors, Indoors

Cats are natural climbers, stalkers, and hunters and Nymock™ allows them to engage in this natural behaviour within the comfort and safeties of your own home.

Stimulate Your Cat With Little Effort

The Nymock™ keeps your cat mentally and physically engaged by the natural changes in sight and scenery. Ultimately, this helps redirect any unwanted or destructive behaviour while saving you more time in your day.

Take Back Your Valuable Floor Space

Eliminate unnecessary clutter by replacing large cat trees with the Nymock™. Purr-fect for cat owners in condos or apartments or for homes that just need a bit more space.

Designed With Safety & Strength In Mind

Unlike most DIY (do-it-yourself) cat shelves, the Nymock™ is guaranteed to support up to two averaged sized cats or 40lbs (20kgs) of weight!


Will this support my cat's weight?

Unlike most cat hammocks, the Nymock™ comfortably supports up to 20kg (or 40lbs) of weight. In most cases, the Nymock™ can support 2 large cats; however, for multi-cat households, we do recommend grabbing more than one as cats are known to be territorial.

Why do my suction cups keep falling?

98% of the time errors with our suction cups are a result of seal errors caused by unwanted dust and debris. To create a strong and long-lasting seal, we recommend the following:
1. Give your window and suction cups a good wipe-down to ensure all surfaces are free of dust or debris.
2. When dry, attach each suction cup according to your desired height and location.
3. Massage out any air bubbles from each suction cup before use.
* If you live somewhere cold, we recommend soaking each suction cup in warm water for a few minutes before following steps 1-3.

Can I use this product with curtains/blinds?

Yes! When closing your curtains/blinds at the end of the day, simply slide the hammock off the bottom two suction cups and let your hammock hang flush with your window. This process can be completed within a matter of seconds!


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