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Scratch Away

Scratch Away

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Say Goodbye To Scratched Furniture

Let’s face it.. cats love to scratch. So, it’s inevitable for your furniture to be destroyed over time by your cat’s fabric-shredding claws. BUT WAIT! Before you give up on your worn items, give your furniture a second chance with the Scratch Away!

Easiest & cheapest way to refresh old furniture

Cost effective and environmentally friendly

Gentle on most fabrics and textures


Plastic, Stainless Steel.


15x6x5.5cm / 5.9x2.36x2.16'' (L*W*H)

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Restore Priceless Pieces

There are some things that money just can’t buy - like your cat’s favourite scratching post or your favourite sofa that they just don’t make anymore. Although you are unlikely to replace these items any time soon, with the Scratch Away, you can make these pieces look almost as good as new!

Benefits Your Wallet & The Environment

The cost of furniture is expensive, moving it can be stressful. The Scratch Away is the easiest solution to keeping your house looking fresh, while saving you time, energy, money, and the environment!

Gentle On Most Fabrics & Textures

Our honeycomb design ensures that the Scratch Away only removes unwanted fabric pulls and threads - guaranteed to improve the look of your furniture, beddings, toys, scratching posts, and even your most treasured clothes!


Does this remove pet hair?

No. The scratch away simply removes any loose threads and pills caused by cat scratches or general wear and tear.

What type of fabrics does this work on?

The Scratch Away works on a variety of fabric types and textures from cotton, polyester, wool, sisal (cat trees / scratching posts) and velvet. Unfortunately, the Scratch Away cannot be used to remove any existing scratches on any leather textures.

Are batteries required for this device?

No, the Scratch Away is attatched to a USB-A power cord making the device extremeley portable. To power the device, simply plug the USB adaptor to any power source (i.e., a power brick, power bank, laptop, etc.) and slide the power button to the "on" position.

How long is the power cord?

The power cord measures approximately 120cm or 47.2" in length.

Should I remove the plastic cover on the honeycomb mesh?

Depending on the type of fabric and how close of a shave you would like, you may choose to keep or remove the clear plastic guard. We recommend shaving your fabrics with the plastic guard on first and then making your decision from there.


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